Spring Break Tour

We crawled out from under our rocks and played our first show as Monkey Lizards at The Rock House in Livermore on April fool’s. Miguel and I are both teachers at a local high school and it was the beginning of our spring break. We had a great time, played our songs, talked with friends, and met new characters. Then I headed to the desert in Albuquerque, NM where so much of my creative inspiration comes from. I was scheduled to play at a music festival there that was cancelled. Instead, I met with my long-time friend and tamalewood producer, Tim Nenninger from Timbojo Productions who mastered our album for us. I then tried to round up my friends in Burque to meet me at a park in the South Valley for a picnic and an unplugged show. It was a crazy weird time and a great way to end my spring break and all the work we did on the recording, which is now available for downloading and streaming everywhere. Now I’m back to teaching and looking to set up some more shows in the future. Stay tuned!