Fire and Wine

California has had some brutal reminders of its own mortality lately, mudslides after the worst fire in state history that killed and displaced people, fires in Napa and Sonoma that came close to my own hometown and took the homes of families of people I know. For some reason all of it summarized in a metaphor of this boiling river of wine running through Santa Rosa. Contrast that with this unseasonably beautiful weather we are having that has been allowing me to take some of the best hikes anyone can ever imagine in any winter:IMG_1698

Combine that with the winery shows we’ve gotten to play lately:fullsizeoutput_33a

Two in December, dubbed “The Ugly Sweater Sessions,” and one last Friday. We’re singing about Love, death, Star Wars, openness to life, parallel universes, mutant zombie spider apocalypses, and God in profane places. Mostly people don’t notice the words because they are too busy having a great time, which makes me happy. Whatever I can do to contribute to that. Whatever I can do to put my heart into it all because you never know what the next harvest or fire season might bring. In California, that which is ominous is often the opposite of what terrifies Westeros. Summer is coming…