summer music


Our first record is finally finished and available to the public. It was about a year in the making, or maybe longer. I wrote about twenty songs in the past year to come up with the most groovy record I could, and we settled on 10 of them. What did it take? Lots of nights in my basement playing and recording while my kids were “asleep” above us. As a result, the songs have a more mellow feel than they might otherwise since Brian played with brushes a lot or used a Caj√≥n for some of the acoustic tracks. The songs are about love, devastation, Kylo Wren turning to the darkside, finding your parallel self in the multiverse, reminiscing, sunglasses to fight fascism, and hope. My friend Tim Nenninger mixed and mastered it in Albuquerque, NM the place where much of my heart still lies. We plan to do an album release show to kick off the summer break (two thirds of us are teachers), and some shows and street playing over the summer. You can purchase it or stream it on any of your favorite digital platforms, crank it up, put the top down, and enjoy the ride.

Here is the iTunes link!